An Exploration of Detroit Tomatoes

An Exploration of Detroit Tomatoes


Thursday, September 13th at 6:00pm at Detroit Cultivated’s Quonset Hut

[4699 16th Street, Hut No. 7, Detroit, MI 48208]

Guests will enjoy:

  • Seated, six-course meal prepared by Chefs John Vermiglio and Joe Giacomino of Grey Ghost highlighting the many varieties of Detroit grown tomatoes

  • A foraged flower and tomato tablescape design by Detroit Cultivated

  • Beverage pairings

An Exploration of Tomatoes Menu

  • First Course

    Tomato Tartare // Buttermilk / Cured Yolk / Benne Seed Cracker

  • Second Course

    Tomato Chowanmushi // Charred Sweet Corn / Salmon Roe / Pumpernickel

  • Third Course

    Bacon Tortellini // Tomato Broth / Watercress / Crispy Garlic

  • Fourth Course

    King Crab // Forbidden Rice Grits / Tomato Hollandaise / Jalapeno

  • Fifth Course

    Dry Aged New York Strip Steak // Foie Gras / Tomato Jam / Onion Straws

  • Sixth Course

    Red Velvet Tomato Tart // Persimmon / Almond / Graham

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Detroit Cultivated's Quonset Hut No. 7